HTML5 or Native? jQuery Touch or Sencha Touch? Flex or Javascript? We help you choose what is right for you

Code Review

We help review code written by you/your team/contractor and identify deviation from best practises and standards

App Development

We help build your app for you. Our involvement can be right from functional to support or anywhere in between

Performance Optimization

Your app not performing as per your needs? Allow our experts to help you achieve your desired performance

Custom Theming

Do not like the default blue? We help create good looking, modern custom and flexible themes for your app


Get your team upto speed on their Sencha Knowledge. We offer both remote and onsite training services

SenchaCon 2015 (April 7-9, 2015) in the San Francisco Bay Area


Work-Bench for Product Managers

FIRESTART is used by financial product aggregators to quickly assemble and automate delivery of Products and Services

100's of Apps run on a one Server Instance

100′s of applications can be built and hot-deployed on a single production instance of the FIRESTART Server

Unified Customer Connectivity Channel

FIRESTART can be configured to act as a unified customer information delivery channel across all customers of the bank

FLAME Agents in Customer Environment

FLAME Agents can be downloaded and deployed in a customer’s environment for automating the pickup and delivery of data

automate delivery of Products and Services


Global Liquidity Dashboard

Corporate Treasuries use LIQUIDICE to aggregate, monitor and manage their global cash-balances across countries, banks, currencies and business entities.

Multi-Bank Funds Transfer Auth. & Initiation

Based on the country-bank-connectivity setup, LIQUIDICE will initiate a transfer instruction to the debiting-bank over the configured connectivity channel

Single Channel for Multi-Bank Connectivity

LIQUIDICE provides the flexibility to configure the connectivity with each Country-Bank over a wide range of connectivity options – SWIFT, Host-2-Host, SFTP, Automated-Email, etc

SWIFT Certified for Corporate Cash Management

LIQUIDICE has been Certified by SWIFT for connectivity with local and global banks for Cash Management Messaging over the SWIFT Network. This certification label is awarded after successful technical and functional validations by SWIFT experts.  Read More...

Corporate Treasurers use LIQUIDICE
Hands-on experience

About us


About Us!

Omniscient provides solutions for straight through connectivity for Corporate-Bank Ecosystems.

Large global banks use Omniscient’s FIRESTART Product to quickly build, deliver and monitor 100’s of Transaction Banking Products across Customers. FIRESTART has built-in components to quickly assemble and deploy custom-products for receivables, payables, liquidity, and supply-chain automation with configurable data pickup and delivery.

Leading Corporate Treasurers in Asia use Omniscient’s LIQUIDICE Product to manage their banking relationships and aggregate global cash positions. LIQUIDCE is used as a unified channel for treasury-transfers, sweeps, and bulk payments. LIQUIDICE supports multiple connectivity options with Banks: SWIFT, Web-Services, SFTP, and H2H.

Our Team

Each member of Team Omniscient has hands-on experience in the Financial Software Products Business, ranging from product engineering, pre-sales support and implementation management, production support, post-sales maintenance, release management, and customer help-desk and support.

Our experience and network in the Asia-Pacific market helps us to quickly recruit, train and ramp-up experienced techno-functional product teams in this region. Our founders were instrumental in building one of the most successful transaction banking software product companies out of Asia-Pacific, working for 4 of the 6 largest transaction banks in Asia-Pacific across 12 countries.

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